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If you're facing the challenges of divorce, you've come to the right place. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), we can help ensure a fair financial review.

How do financial divorce professionals help?

Understanding your financial situation will give you a sense of control over your life – before, during and after divorce. The financial issues you are faced with during a divorce are as important as the legal ones. Preparation is the key to success when negotiating your divorce settlement.

Even when both parties agree, divorce is difficult. The division of assets - real estate properties, savings and investments including retirement funds, all financial assets- is likely to be the biggest and one of the most difficult decisions the parties will ever make. Not only are current worth and tax consequences important, but future worth and future tax consequences must be calculated as well.

At Transitional Wealth Strategies, we are trained to work with the financial issues of the division of marital assets by showing long-term consequences of any suggested settlement proposal. As a result, both parties know what to expect and can rebuild their lives on reasonable financial information and planning. We work with mediators, family law attorneys (including collaborative divorce attorneys) and other divorce specialists using the "FLS Family Law Software" that many divorce professionals use making it easy to collaborate.

The power of seeing the end result

What's missing in most divorce processes is financial expertise which can help forecast the possible long-term effects of the final settlement. We help conserve emotional and financial resources by using divorce planning software that graphically reveals the economic consequence of various divorce settlements and court orders. This helps build a complete and accurate picture of the family financial dynamic which can be useful during settlements between parties. An attorney or mediator is required as well.

Divorce planning software includes review of net income, expenses, assets, retirement pay, social security, investments, child support, and maintenance. Next we apply formulas for salary increases, inflation, return on investment, taxes on maintenance, and recent tax law changes.

The personalized reports provided illustrate financial status, cash flow, net worth of each individual spouse and an infinite variety of settlement scenarios over a life span in columnar and graphic formats. This offers the creative options, financial analysis and strategies necessary to help ensure you obtain the most financially advantageous settlement possible.

Why hire a CDFA professional?

The average length of the U.S. divorce process is one year. In the beginning stages of the process, both parties spend a great deal of time trying to get a clear understanding of the financial aspects and terminology of the separation.

The financial ramifications of a divorce can be devastating. But, with proper planning, you could potentially increase your chances of arriving at a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs -- and your spouse's too.

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What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ( has received specialized training in the issues of divorce and is trained to help people with the financial aspects of divorce including income, expenses, assets, tax issues, pensions, and division of property. CDFAs educate clients on the financial details and ramifications of divorce and empower them to make educated decisions about their future.

With detailed spreadsheets and graphs, CDFAs look at cash flow and net worth projections of different settlement proposals. A CDFA can help forecast the short and long-term effects of different scenarios and address the financial needs and capabilities of both parties. Once a settlement agreement has been signed, it's difficult to change and by providing the financial expertise in the pre-settlement phase, CDFAs can help save time and money by providing a clear view of the financial future for both parties.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) has been one of the most established and recognized designations in financial planning for divorce since 1993.(https//

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