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Visit the Useful Links and the Resource Tab to see market news and learn how to take a more active role in your financial planning and for calculations such as how much do I need to save and RMD calculations.


  • Fee Only Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Review & Consolidation
  • College Savings 529 Plan
  • Tax Reducing Strategies
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Socially Conscious Investement Options are available
  • Collaboration with accountants and other professionals on issues such as (RMD) Required Minimum Distributions, reducing taxes, divorce and estate planning.

Investment and Account Options

Diversification among asset classes is key to any asset allocation strategy. The following investments and account types are utilized to accomplish this goal:

  • Mutual Funds (Index and Managed)
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Money Market Funds
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Insurance
  • CDs
  • Alternative Investments such as BDCs and REITs
  • Fixed & Variable Annuities
  • IRAs: Roth, Traditional, 401k rollovers and 403b rollovers
  • Trust Accounts, UGMA and UTMA accounts
  • 529 College Savings Accounts